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As time goes by, humanity finds itself in a situation where it needs more and more help. With the advancement of technology, many find themselves without jobs as their jobs have become computerized. While many argue that perhaps the advancement of technology has increased unemployment and reduced the quality of life in the world, at Building Better Future (BBF), we strive to help those who have lost their jobs, can’t afford to continue their education, need assistance with school, need training in how to find a job, and much more.

At BBF, we believe that every youth and family can succeed given proper resources. Therefore, we strive to become a place where people can find the resources necessary for them to be successful in life. We believe in the power of a helping hand, and we strive to provide a helping hand for youth and families to lift them up when they have fallen down.

We always welcome donations, volunteers, and partners. We also welcome anyone who is need of assistance to contact us directly. If you would like to become a volunteer or simply would like to donate whatever you can, please click on the appropriate link below. If you need assistance, please click on the link below and let us know how we can be of assistance to you or your youth.

If you are a non-profit or for profit organization and would like to work with us towards the improvement of humanity, please contact us below.

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