Benefits of Meditation

The act of meditation has more than one benefits. Some of its benefits include sharpened focus, increased patience, reduction in stress, and much more.

Meditation is an ancient form of practice that was brought to the Western world from the East. There are many forms of meditations. Often times, people think of meditation as an act that needs to be performed in a certain sitting position and clear mind. Although, the goal is to create a peaceful mindset, not every form of meditation needs to be carried out by sitting with legs crossed, humming a monotone, and torturing yourself to concentrate on “nothingness”. Trying to find a quiet area, especially during the times of COVID 19, sit legs crossed, hum a tune, and work so hard to concentrate on nothingness could demotivate you to meditate. The benefits of mediation are so great that you need to look into finding ways you can meditate without torturing you, especially if you are a novice in this art.

Our friends at Fractal Enlightenment wrote the following article discusses five different ways to meditate without actually “meditating”. Click here to read the full article.

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