Visually Resume Building Tips

When writing your resume, it is highly admirable to be creative when it comes to preparing your resume or work history to impress future employers. Building a resume could be a stressful task. Not to worry because we found a wonderful source, on YouTube, that will guide you through how to create visually appealing and creative resumes.

In your resume, it is important to include relevant work history. For example, if you are applying for an administrative assistant job, don’t include work experience in photography or game design.

Below, you will find some more DOs and DON’Ts of resume writing:

  • Include all relevant work history related to the job you are applying for
  • Include relevant volunteer history
  • Include relevant skills and training
  • Make sure to list all degrees earned from reputable colleges and universities
  • Keep your focus on making descriptions short and to the point
  • Be creative, use graphics and colors
  • Include relevant data, use numbers to reveal your accomplishments
  • Clutter your resume by writing every single work or volunteer experience you have
  • Use more than two lines for each bullet point
  • Write long sentences and paragraphs
  • Overwhelm your reader with irrelevant information
  • List credentials and certificate that are irrelevant to the work you are applying for
  • Use the same words in the job description in your resume
  • Fill your resume with unrelated hobbies and personal information

For more information on how you can make your resume look appealing through the use of colors and graphics, please watch the video below.

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